Preserving A Legacy:

The Philosophy Behind Wood Window Makeover

Historic preservation is about reclaiming and protecting the connection between our past and present.

Who We Are

We are experts in historic wood window preservation and restoration. We are driven by a palpable purpose to protect, preserve and restore the story and legacy of our community and family heritage.

We’ve worked passionately to provide a product and service that embodies our philosophy and can stand the test of time.

The Problem

For far too long, the responsibility for preserving our country’s historic buildings has fallen on the shoulders of a select few, who have failed (or have been reluctant) to pass this torch to future generations.

But it’s the younger generations who will be impacted by the loss of our culture; it is also these younger generations we’ve found to be most passionate in preserving the legacies of our neighborhoods.

What We Believe

We believe that preserving our history relies heavily on empowering these future generations.

In addition to serving the needs of our clients, Wood Window Makeover is committed to this empowerment by sharing the skills and talents we have amassed over the years to inspire other “historic passionates” to chart their own paths, pursue their own passions, and create a positive impact through honoring our history while embracing the future.

This is a story of restoration: restoring the heritage of our culture.

Our Purpose

The purpose of WWM is to preserve historic buildings and create a culture of likeminded and impassioned preservationists committed to saving our historic buildings, so that their legacies can live on for future generations.

Our purpose is easier said than done. Our industry has suffered far too long from antiquated ideas and exclusionary practices.

Wood Window Makeover will shatter these precepts by dismantling the notion that only a select few individuals can assume the awesome responsibility of historic preservation.

Through hands-on training and continual community support, WWM provides individuals everything they need to do their part in preserving the stories of our past.

The WWM mission is bigger than me. It’s bigger than just one person. This is legacy work.

I look forward to helping you start your new journey,

Steve Quillian
CEO, Craftsman and Historic Preservationist


Preservation and restoration is a passion and a responsibility.


We are led by a strong purpose to preserve the story and cultural legacy of Tampa Bay and other  communities around the Nation.


We restore more than windows – we are restoring faith in true hands-on-work.

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