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5 Facts About Historic Windows and Sash
May 5, 2017
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Window Restoration: Where do you Start?

Whether you are a contractor, homeowner or building owner, dilapidated, rotted, stuck old windows can be a little intimidating.

We have some good news for you!

Not only is it easier than you think to fix historic windows, it is a billion dollar industry in desperate need of passionate, trained talent.

We are incredibly passionate about historic preservation and restoration. If you’ve read our blog posts, our Facebook page, been to any of our free workshops or the annual Historic Homes Workshop Event, you know we eat, sleep, dream, and sweat historic preservation. It is in our blood.

There is a movement taking place.

There’s an awakening that is happening.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that we can’t just bulldoze our history.

We can’t replace it with drive-through, fabricated plastic and synthetics.

Let’s keep it real. Let’s keep it like it was made to be.

Let’s take it back the way it was. In the beginning. When it was built.

The Three Main Steps to Window Restoration

We mentioned overwhelm. There’s only way around it… don’t focus on the whole window.

Step One

Tackle the mechanical makeover, first.

Take the window apart.

Here’s the list of tools you’ll need:

  • Duckbill vice grips
  • Nail puller pliers
  • Flat bar (small crowbar)

Check out our “How to Remove a Double Hung Window,” Five Easy Steps and 4 Minutes!

Seriously, it is that easy. In this video and step-by-step outlined tutorial, Steve walks you through step, by step… pick a window and get started.


Step Two

Restore and balance the mechanisms.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Hammer
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Flat bar or small crow bar
  • Sash rope

Clean and lubricate

With the sash removed, vacuum and brush out the debris.

Make sure the pulleys are working smoothly. If they are bent or need repair, you may be able to straighten them out. See how Steve repairs a bent pulley here.

  • Measure and install your ropes
  • Restring the sash and the weights

Step Three

Reassemble the window in this order:

  • Start with attaching the top sash
  • With the top sash resting at the bottom of the window, reinstall the parting bead
  • Install the bottom sash
  • Install the window stop

Test your window to be sure it is sliding and moving smoothly. Both sash should open and close completely.

If your window won’t shut all the way, check the length of your sash cords to be sure they aren’t too short and see if your window stops need a minor adjustment.

Restore Your Historic Window: Learn How for Free

Nearly every month, Wood Window Makeover hosts their First Friday event. We also stream it live on Facebook for those of you who can’t make it in person.

We do this for several reasons.

  1. We believe your home or building’s historic sash should be preserved and restored
  2. We believe everyone should be empowered with the knowledge to maintain and preserve their historic windows
  3. We are compelled to teach handy-men and women, crafts-people, contractors and do-it-yourselfers how to protect, preserve and restore historic wood windows
  4. We want to help you start or grow your historic wood window business.

Historic wood window preservation is a billion dollar a year industry and there simply isn’t enough talent to keep up with it. We are committed to building an army of artisans who can keep our history in tact.

Are you interested in learning a trade that will generate a healthy annual six-figure revenue?

We are interested in teaching you how. From beginning to end. From the ground up, including the mechanics of the business side of the business.

Wood Window Makeover hosts all kinds of free window restoration training to certification training:

  • First Friday events are FREE: Sign up for the next one as soon as possible. We have limited space for each event. We teach you how to restore a non-working sash from beginning to end
  • Pop-up Sash Revivals and Cross Country Tours: These are typically free and you’ll find We teach everything from A to Z about historic sash restoration and preservation. Check out our Facebook page for dates and venues.
  • Historic Homes Workshops – Annual: Very small fee for 3 to 9 days of hands-on and how-to training from the pros. Our next event is in early 2018.
  • Intensive Certification Training: This fee based, 5-day training is held only 2 or 3 times each year. For $2,495, you can learn how to build a growth-oriented, six-figure business that you can start and run in any area of the country. In addition to learning how to start, grow and manage a thriving wood window preservation and restoration business, you’ll:
    • Become a member of the growing Army of Artisans
    • Receive a $1,000 credit toward future orders of Lifetime Sash
    • Be eligible to become a Wood Window Makeover partner, where you’ll receive leads and projects
    • Get ongoing training and support to help you build your business

We’ll be publishing the date of the next Certification Training very soon. If you are interested in learning more about it, contact us here or call us.

One of our partner’s, Mike Brett, wrote an eBook that shares step-by-step how he built a thriving wood window preservation and restoration company. He talks about everything from his first project to growing his business past the six-figure mark.

It’s free. Click the image below. Learn how to bypass the mistakes and start and grow your preservation business today!


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CEO & Craftsman Steve founded Wood Window Makeover in 2006. His passion and vision for community, connection, historic preservation and excellence in craftsmanship has been a catalyst for homeowners and historical organizations to connect and preserve. He started the annual Historical Homes Workshop to teach and inspire others to passionately and responsibly preserve and connect.

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