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March 16, 2017
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What is Wood Window Makeover’s Lifetime Sash?

Lifetime Sash evolved out of several decades of research. It’s the most durable and reliable alternative for wood window preservation. It is less expensive than any other replicated sash in that it is resistant to rot and provides a lifetime guarantee. Oh… and it always yields gorgeous, authentic historic results.

Historic building owners, contractors and business owners want the most beautiful, cost-effective option for their project. Lifetime Sash are pretty impressive.

Our Lifetime Sash are also a conversation starter.

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get.

Yes, you can paint Lifetime Sash like any other wood.

It’s paintable. LTS doesn’t shrink or swell, making the coat adhesion last five times longer than traditional wood sash material.

Lifetime Sash is created by a scientifically formulated acetylation treatment.

Lifetime Sash are historic replicated sash made with specially treated wood.

Natural wood contains chemical groups called hydroxyls. These are responsible for the way wood absorbs and retains water. Water absorption and retention nurture enzymes that eat wood.  Swollen and rotted wood are caused by hydroxyls.

Acetylation involves kiln-drying and soaking the wood in an acetic acid that is basically vinegar based. This transforms those hydroxyls into acetyls: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, already present in all natural wood. When acetyls dominate the chemical makeup of wood, it becomes too solid to absorb water. The enzymes that cause decay are starved because the wood is no longer susceptible.

That means LTS won’t swell.

It won’t shrink

Wood Window Makeover’s Lifetime Sash will not succumb to rot, insects or fungi.

This is why we call it Lifetime Sash.

How is Wood Window Makeover’s Lifetime-Sash-wood better than other types of rot resistant wood?

Most other treatments that make wood indigestible to rot, bacteria, fungi and insects also turn the wood toxic. That’s not good for the environment. It is definitely not good for our pets or people.

The alternative non-toxic treatments damage the wood, making it weak and brittle.

LTS is non-toxic.

It is impervious to damage

Lifetime Sash is dimensionally stable.

Lifetime Sash is simply a better product than replica sash of any other type.

Lifetime Sash is durable and guaranteed for life

LTS requires no other treatments or preservatives.

Lifetime Sash has a guaranteed durability you can rely on. Sophisticated analytical technologies guarantee consistent, high quality wood. This is why we are able to guarantee high-quality, lifetime sash – every time.

Lifetime Sash are made by expertly skilled craftsmen

The stability and strength of Wood Window Makeover’s Lifetime-Sash-wood make it perfect for wood window preservation. No other product comes close.

When it is necessary to replace an historic sash, you want the replication to be consistent with the original craftsmanship. We guarantee accurate historic replication, as well.

Every historic sash replication is performed manually by highly-skilled craftsmen and crafts-women in our state-of-the-art facility in Tampa, FL.

LTS are tough. They sustain the harshest environments – for life. They do not succumb to mold, salt or water. Our Lifetime-Sash-wood product has even been used as canal siding. When it was removed for replacement after ten years, it showed negligible damage!

Whether you are a homeowner, a preservationist or a handyman, Lifetime Sash will provide the confidence and the results you want.

When replication is required, Historic Window contractors across the country are turning to Lifetime Sash.

They agree it is the right thing to do by their customer.


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